Arnav is a student of class 11, reading Mathematics, Economics, Political Science, and History at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. Arnav has won several awards in Model UN conferences throughout the country and currently serves as the Director of the La Martiniere MUN society. He is also a member of the La Martiniere College debating team and has been felicitated at many national-level events.

Arnav also holds the position of a House Prefect and actively participates in all school events. Having played tennis from a young age, Arnav has won a plethora of awards at the district, state, and national level, and has also led the College team to victory on several occasions. He takes a keen interest in athletics and swimming and is a part of the College basketball and football teams as well. Being one of the school toppers in the ICSE Board Examinations, he has also managed to maintain an ideal academic record. Additionally, he has a passion for writing and occasionally writes articles on different platforms. Being a part of the United Nations MGCY, he is heavily interested in researching and discussing global issues. He aims to pursue an MBA degree in the field of economics. 




Aishanya (read: not Aishwarya) is in her senior year at La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow. Managing PCM with Economics is her greatest achievement, yet. Since the beginning, she has been involved in numerous inter-school and state-level competitions across India.

A badminton player in her free time, Aishanya has been linked with many awards in the past. Apart from that, she’s a self-taught artist who indulges in photorealism, mandala art and countless portraits of her dogs. Cooking, dancing, acting and food blogging are her persona entremets.

Her love for travelling abroad has given her an internationally diverse outlook and fueled her passion for Economics. She’s compelled to seek an understanding of the economic forces that drive the world today.

 She takes a keen interest in all-things-literary and was active in the School Editorial Board. Having written for UNICEF, Forbes and Khan Academy, she has a relatively good flair for target audience based content writing.

Aishanya aspires to go further in Economics and bring objectivity to existing platforms encouraging research analysis and investigation of her field.



Ananya Kohli is an ambitious student. Having graduated from the Lawrence school sanwar she is currently taking a gap year and forwarding her interests in many aspects. An avid debater and muner she is always up for a good argument. Apart from her academic pursuits she is also an avid reader, swimming enthusiast and binge movie watcher